What P.A. system do you have/use?

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What P.A. system do you have/use?

PostAuthor: Shaggy » Sat Mar 11, 2006 11:36 am

I've always wanted my own P.A. system. Ever since high school. For years (a decade?) I used a Crate G-60 amp with Radio Shack P.A. speakers plugged into it. It's amazing to me that little amp still works - and works well.

Anyway, I finally got tired of doing that ... okay, maybe tired isn't the word I should use ... how about "embarassed".

I wanted one not only for singing but for my acoustic guitar.

Anyway, I started by renting several different powered mixers from a local music store. I started with Peavey, then Mackie, and finally a no name one "Phonic". I ran them all through their paces and tried to be impartial about it.

Now obviously I wanted a Mackie. However after using several of them I realized the differences, especially for what I needed it for, was negiligable. I mean, I'm not in a steadily giging band so it's more for personal use and the occasional band practice.

So I chose the Phonic 740- I'm not going to lie, the decision was based on price. I believe it was $279 for a 10 channel mixer (7 channels with 3 channels having 2 seperate inputs). It also has 2 seperate 200 watt amps which means it can run in stereo and can be bridged to 400 watts.


Ultimately I would like a Mackie mixer along with some seperate Crown amps - but what the hey, for a non professional this is really all I need. Plus it's genuinely hard for me to spend big money when I really need to make the mortgage payment first ya know. Especially for things I truly don't "need".

I've yet to gig with it, but so far am happy with my purchase. I've had it for 3 years and it performs fine for my needs.

So, what system do you have?
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PostAuthor: Dino » Thu Jun 08, 2006 2:29 pm

When I had my own band, I had my own PA, but I felt alot better hiring out for sound and lights. It just made for a better show IMO.
I didn't have to worry about who was going to run the board, who was going to do lights, setting everything up, and tearing it all back down at 3:00am. It would have just been a PITA.

Besides, my PA really wasn't gig worthy IMO.
I guess I've always been "Old School" in thinking that bigger is better.
I know that's not necessarily true, but there's just something about rolling in that 6' soundboard, carts crammed with rack effects, and being surrounded by massive cabinets that gave me that warm and fuzzy feeling. :lol:

My PA was basically just used for band practice.
It consisted of (2) JBL TR225 full range cabinets which had 2-15's and a horn w/ crossovers in each cabinet, a QSC RMX1450 power amp, a Mackie CFX 12-channel mixer with built-in effects , and an Alesis 3630 dual channel compressor/limiter with gate.

It was a very basic setup, but very effective. :wink:
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