New Gear!

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New Gear!

PostAuthor: Shaggy » Wed Nov 29, 2006 9:57 am

As I stated in another thread, I wanted a new keyboard.

The keyboard I was using was a Casios CT-640. I bought it in 1987 - 1988 or so. I kind of sounded dated.

While it's served it's purpose (something to screw around with) well for the past 20 years, I felt it was finally time for an upgrade. There have been a couple things that bugged me about it pretty much since I got it.

First off, the keys aren't touch sensitive (velocity in MIDI talk). So no matter how hard or soft you hit the keys, it sounded the same. This bugged me because I couldn't play quieter/subtle notes on it. It also bugged me because it pretty much trained me to barely hit the notes so when I would sit down at a real piano, it made it hard for me to play because I didn't hit the keys hard enough.

It also bugged me because it was only 61 keys. Many times I would find myself looking for that lower note of an octave and simply ran out of keys.

Lastly, the keys were not weighted at all so they felt like plastic ya know.

With the new keyboard I still had to make some concessions, but it's definately an upgrade.

I bought a Yamaha DGX-220. It's basically an upgraded DGX-205. I can't believe how much better the sounds are. Granted, 20 years of technology shouldn't be surprising here.

It's only 76 keys, not the 88 I was hoping for. The keys are also only SEMI-weighted and are not hammer action, but the are touch sensitve. I don't think you can even find a cheap keyboard now without the touch sensitivity.

The best part is the price. I bought it for $289 at Costco (Warehouse store). The reason I like buying electronics from them is that they have a lifetime satisfaction gaurantee. If for any reason you are not happy with it - bring it back. You don't even need the reciept!

The price gets better though. I was in the store yesterday and noticed there was a NEW $50 instant rebate on the keyboard. So I went to the customer service desk and they gave me $50 back. So the keyboard only cost $239! I was satisfied with it at $289 - but for $239 it's a steal.

Highly recomended for non-professional keyboard players. It's perfect for someone wanting to mess around with keyboards and possibly learn more about piano/keyboards. ... uctId=1208

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