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Active -Tab- sites

PostAuthor: Ray Salamon » Thu Dec 28, 2006 5:18 pm

Hey all,
As most know, tabs are becoming the next thing that <insert big music corp> wants to get rid of. Why? Well, they think it's copyright infringement.
We're not going to travel down the road of how much horsecrap that is.
What this is, is a thread dedicated to sites that are still open and actively holding tabs for us.
Most sites are getting letters telling them to shutdown or face lawsuit. So, tab sites in general are getting scarce. As musicians, they're useful, and having a one stop place where we can go to get a tab would be nice.
I think this site should consider housing it's own TAB subforum, or subpage all together. But that's a different topic for later.

The best one I know of that still open as of 12/28 is
There's also Only thing with that is you need GuitarPro (I believe). But if you have it, then MSB is a great resource as well.

Anyone else got any?
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